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Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Wed Aug 23 09:44:35 CDT 2000

martin burns wrote:
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> At 05:08 22/08/00, Daniel J. Cody wrote:
> >They're trying to make a site (for people like myself and
> >others) for a quick 'one-stop-look' at the sites that audience likes.
> Right, so it's a syndication play, yes? We'd be taking a similar
> position to Reuters (except that unlike them, we'd have our own
> site too) - distribute our content as headlines to other sites.

Yes.. I think my use of the term 'partner' was a bit broad :)
> Now to a certain extent that's what slashboxen are about (and
> Netscape channels etc); this is a step forward.


> Question: doesn't this compete with a lot of what /. are doing?
> With slashboxen, they're trying to aggregate a lot of content
> and be that OS vortal. Or is the /. strategy to move away from
> that, and tout OSDN as taking that role?

dunno :) you'd have to ask someone at VA about that. .I just know what
we want to do, and could give the prover

> Next question (and I think you've hinted at the answer):
> Why are we doing this? Usually there are 3 reasons for
> syndicating your content out:
> 1) You get paid for it (eg Reuters)

*lol* no

> 2) You use it to draw a specific audience back to yourself
>      (eg Freshmeat)


> 3) You have a duty to get your content out there pro bono
>     publica, to reach parts of your audience who may not normally
>     (get the time to) visit your site (eg BBC News)


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