[thelist] Online Resume

Luther, Ron RLuth at telxon.com
Wed Aug 23 09:56:31 CDT 2000

Hi Jamie,

Oooops! ... Apparently I should have taken your tact and asked first ... by
comparison mine seems (at least) a tad overblown and ostentatious ... hmmm
... may have to do a rework .... Dang!


But yes ... I'm looking for a job right now ... and yes ... at least three
headhunter types have looked over my on-line resume in the last week.

Ron L.

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		From:	Jamie Madden [mailto:jamie at bayou.com]
		Subject:	[thelist] Online Resume

		I'm putting together an online resume and was wondering if I
could ask you 
		evolutians to post some URLs to your resumes so that I might
get a feel for 

		Do any of you think that potential employees ever look at an
		resume.  Just wondering.

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