[thelist] Western Union

Kingorbitao at aol.com Kingorbitao at aol.com
Wed Aug 23 20:41:53 CDT 2000

In a message dated 8/23/00 4:25:35 PM Central Daylight Time, javier at msm.cl 

<< i once transalted a site, and the dude payed me overseas through Western 
 had no problems whatsoever, he sent me half up front, and half upon 
 it just depends if you know the guy, i didn't but everything went ok anyway, 
 met him but through e-mail

Wow, that sounds strangely like my situation, 'cept so far it hasn't worked 
out well. He says he's sent the payment, but I haven't received any letter or 
telegram or whatever Western Union notifies you with nowadays. So this 
morning I sent the gentleman an e-mail notifiying him I've suspended work on 
his project.

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