[thelist] cf vs asp

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Thu Aug 24 21:30:21 CDT 2000

Czechowski, Aaron wrote:
> Pros and cons?  Have to pay extra for CF; ASP comes built-in to PWS/IIS -
You have to pay for CF yes. You also have to pay for ASP, which a lot of 
people don't realize. If you go with ASP, your cost comes from having to 
purchase an NT server license. Thats some cash right there. Also, with 
Win2k, you have to plunk down ~2000 bux0rz for an 'internet connector 
license' if you plan to use your ASP apps outside an intranet.

Conversly, although the CF app server does cost money, you can run it on 
a free operating system with a free DB(such as mSQL, mySQL, or 
Postgres), making your TCO lower over the long term..

> thus increasing the apps' resale value, yes?  CF is tag-based; ASP is
> script-based.  CF only really requires a good knowledge of HTML, whereas you
> need to know some VBScript to dive into ASP.  Which is easier to learn
peronsally, I'd say if you're coming from a pure HTML background(and 
adrian will disagree here :) CF is easier to pick up. If you're coming 
from a VBscript/MS background, ASP will feel better to you.

> Any hidden dis/advantages to either?  Server performance?  Hung processes?
> Not playing well with the database?
they're both pretty even as far as performance. IMHO, CF has an 
advantage because it runs on more robust and scaleable operating systems 
like Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux. With ASP you're limited to NT(more or 
less) and the advantages/disadvatages of that platform..
Sorry if the formatting is hosed with this.. posting with a custom M18 
build of mozilla :)


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