[thelist] Spreading sites between different hosts

Peter Small peter at genps.demon.co.uk
Fri Aug 25 01:54:10 CDT 2000

What I'm trying to figure out is how practical it is to spread a site
between different hosts (It's when I start to think about things like this
that I realise what enormous knowledge gaps I have).

Here is the problem: I cannot find a host that can cater for all of my
needs. However, I can cover all the needs by using several different hosts
and running different pages of my site on the host servers where specific
facilities are needed (note: multiple hosting costs are not a consideration

Resut: links between different parts of the site switch between not only
pages but also different host servers.

It's when I try to think about what time penalties or other problems might
occur that my lack of knowledge is exposed. For example, does the initial
connection to a site hold that connection open so that all further requests
to that server are dealt with  faster than the initial connection?

A link from one page on a site to another page on the same site and same
server can link simply by referencing the file name if the new file (page)
is in the same directory. Is this faster than if the link referenced the
full URL?

Similarly. If a link to another page in the same directory of the same
server is referenced by the full URL, is the link appreciably faster than
if the link took you to a page on a different server.

In short, how much of a penalty is there if I spread the pages of a site
around several different host servers? What is the best way to think about
this kind of network/logistics problem?



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