[thelist] cf vs asp (was: Too many queries?)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 25 12:14:56 CDT 2000

> From: Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
> <aside for="aardvark">
>    i hate to say this adrian, but i just don't get as warm a 
>    feeling from former vb programmers using a low-level language like
>    asp against a database as i do from html developers using a
>    language like cf -- when it comes to designing clean application
>    logic in web pages that access a database, the html side is "closer
>    to" the data model and therefore more likely to know what they're
>    doing than programmers who see things in terms of "very simple"
>    dll's or "VB code you may have sitting around"
> </aside>

<ajar for="rudy">
i wouldn't challenge your assertion only because it can easily be 
true... bad coders create bad code, no matter the 
OS/language/etc... yes, CF almost idiot-proofs it, but for VB guy 
(and to some extent, other languages), it's second nature to do 
some of that in VBScript... and makes them feel better having that 
control and flexibility... plus, if your coders are putzes, just create 
a function or a component to handle the db calls, marshall data, 
etc... but i certainly don't feel that HTML coders are better off wtih 
VBScript, especially if they refuse to close tags, quote attributes, 
etc... a good coder can learn VBScript pretty damn quickly, or 
apply their favorite language of choice... a good HTML coder can 
pick up CF pretty quickly as well, but it doesn't, at least to me, 
demonstrate the cognitive dissonance between client and server, 
primarily because it tries to be a mark-up language...

i wish i could find those sites where i saw <cfif> on static .html 

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