[thelist] re: css-margin-right property.

Lisa Bartholomew lisa at koolfish.com
Sun Aug 27 23:28:10 CDT 2000

Sorry for such a tardy reply, too many visitors these past few days and 10
paracetamols later....

I still haven't worked it out with css.
Rudy wrote
"by the way, did you figure out which one of the 5 body tag attributes you
had that was extraneous?"
I think it was the marginright="0" because it is the only margin attribute I
haven't used before in the body tag and it didn't work anyway.

I made the background image longer and width and applied the following to
the style sheet:

BODY {margin-right: 0; background-color: white; background-repeat:

Fine in IE But Netscape ignored it. www.richinstyles bug table says this is
supported in Netscape 4 but my 4.7 is having none of it. So is my only
option to make a whopping big tile?

Rudy wrote:
"the answer to your immediate problem would be to make the bar part of the
nav bar image transparent"
But that bar is part of the design and needs to be seen. The only solution I
can think of is to make the gradient bar tail off to the right so it doesn't
abruptly ends with white space around it in Netscape.

"anyhow, I'm hardly ever in a position to need to set the body margin to
zero, to get something out to the very edge of the window, so I guess I
would probably try it with css first, check it in ie4 and Netscape 4.04 (a
notoriously bad browser for css) and go with the body tag attributes if it
didn't work in both of these browsers flawlessly the first time"

But what is the correct body attribute to use to get an image jutted up
against the right side?

"try shrinking your browser window vertically so that a v.scrollbar appears
Netscape. is the image now up against the edge as you wanted?"
yes, so are you telling me I can't change this in Netscape, I will have to
have the white space there whether I like it or not?

Thanks everyone for all the info so far, and I thought this little margin
problem was gonna be easier :) http://www.lawtonasia.com/test

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