[thelist] Dress for Success (was: HTML test)

John Corry webshot at neoncowboy.com
Mon Aug 28 01:22:08 CDT 2000

>found a pic of me in the shirt i was telling isaac about:
>the cups on their bikini tops look like fishies... really cool
>shirt, very tasteful...

Oh shit, now I'm going to have to haunt the local Maui thrift stores looking
for the aloha-shirt-of-aloha-shirts to send Aardvark for Christmas.

One of the very first pages I ever put up can be seen at
http://www.mauigateway.com/~webshot created for the express purpose of
learning how to make a click on a link change the content elsewhere on the
page...unfortunately this was about as far as I got with DHTML, further
experiments were met with the complaint that 'when I click on the links
everything disappears!?'.

<tip type='newbie PHP/MySQL'>
you can put all of your mysql_connect, mysql_query and other 'sensitive'
database connection information in a class that is stored in a sub directory
of the site (and .htaccess or equivalent protected), that way a) you don't
have usernames and passwords sitting on every .php file in your site and b)
you only have to write it/change it once. For extra credit, you can build in
some MySQL error reporting for debugging...critical when you start building
*ugh* dynamically generated queries.

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