[thelist] images as button and JS

Adrian Fischer info at aussiebidder.com
Mon Aug 28 02:54:41 CDT 2000

Thanks Jeff,

I think I get it.  The image thing was just a nice to have, a link is just
as good.  My book tells me that for a link to work I need to call the same
page that I'm on already to load the pop up window?  Like this:
<a href=current page.html onClick=window.open(mynewwindow.html , name ,
config=height=300,width=300)>click to open</a>

I'm in the middle of a cgi script is there any way I can get the window to
pop without calling the current page.  I've tried doing it and calling for
the script but that aint gonna work!

This is not a biggy, but would make life easier.

> :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> : <form>
> :   <input
> :     type=image
> :     src=\"../images/newitem.gif\"
> :     onClick=
> :       \"window.open(\'lib/new.html\' ,
> :       \'adrian\' ,
> :       config=\'height=200,width=200\')\"
> :   >
> : </form>
> :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Adrian Fischer
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