[thelist] accessibility finding: another victory for the visually impaired

John Snippe design at cybernautica.com
Mon Aug 28 08:33:17 CDT 2000

On 8/28/00,  regarding " RE: [thelist] accessibility finding: another 
victory fo ",  Isaac Forman offered the following:
>must be a pretty huge site if they need $30k-$2fuckingmillion to put in ALT

or even 30-40K! Let's see:  assume 5 distinct (non-repeated) graphics 
per page. (repeats can be GREP'ed or otherwise scripted).  30 seconds 
per image (working slow!).  That equals a total of 64000 distinct alt 
tags... and that is with paying someone $75/ hr.  Put in a junior 
html'er and grap a 50% overhead charge, and you could likely do an 
easy 100,000 graphics for the same 40k.

Pile of BS, for sure.  Who do I contact to get the job ;-)

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