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Meredith Tupper meredith at pintsize.com
Mon Aug 28 16:15:45 CDT 2000

Hi Donna,
AFAIK, it really doesn't matter if the tech contact is correct or not; the
domain will still route as long as the name servers are correct.  However, I
know that some hosts are very particular about being listed as tech contact
because they do want control over the domains on their servers, and
rightfully so.  The old host's line about "that would be the only way
could tell who the Registrar was" is poopy-caca, near as I can tell.  I
suspect it's an excuse because someone is too lazy to get off their butt and
submit the correction.

If you are listed as a contact, then you can correct this matter yourself.
It would help if we had the whois info to see what your options are.  But
for now, as long as the name servers are correct and propagated through the
system, then the domain should work no matter who is listed as tech contact.

Hope dis heps,

Donna Jones wrote:

> Greetings all:  I need some help with moving a domain name.  Here's the
> situation.  I registered a new domain name, about a year ago, with an
> outfit in California (legal registrars) because we already had a site
> with them.
> Now, we want to move it to a local ISP because they will host a
> non-profit for free and also because we have the dial-up for e-mail
> there.
> At this point I've changed the name servers to point to the new hosts.
> The site "went down" over the weekend because it hasn't been implemented
> yet w/ the new hosts.
> The WHOIS information shows Tech Name (old hosts), but with the new
> "name servers" added.  When I called the old people they said I should
> leave the tech name as theirs because that would be the only way someone
> could tell who the Registrar was.  My new hosts are saying they MUST be
> listed as Tech.  The old people said the new ISP just "wanted control
> over the domain name" and that it didn't matter technically who was
> listed.  Anyone have any help about this.  This whole area is rather new
> to me.
> Surely hope I've given you enough information to understand what I'm
> asking.
> Thanks!
> Donna
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