[thelist] Photoshop 6 screen caps

Paul Bradforth pbi at dircon.co.uk
Mon Aug 28 18:04:04 CDT 2000

On 28/8/00 at 11:46 pm, martin at members.evolt.org (Martin) wrote:

> If you've already got PS, sure. But IR was a great 70ukp package which
> did pretty much everything I needed. I was about to roll it out over
> several hundred users when Adobe pulled the plug.

Yes, I bought it for just a tad more than that when version 1.0 came
out. Then, blow me, they offered the upgrade to version 2.0, WITH
Photoshop, for £125. I was what you might call well pleased...

I don't think your customers missed much, Martin. Compared to Fireworks,
ImageReady was always dead in the water. Slow as treacle, even on a fast
machine. You can't even get a block of text formatted as a block, with
word wrap. Mind you, that applies to Photoshop too. Fixed in v6.0
though, from what I hear...

best wishes,


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