[thelist] downtime this morning/afternoon

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Tue Aug 29 14:47:37 CDT 2000

Hi everyone - 

You may have noticed the lists were down from this mornign(CST) till
about 2 minutes ago. TO make a long ass story short, I was attempting to
move a new domain(members.evolt.org) to the same machine that
lists.evolt.org is on. There are a number of us who have
members.evolt.org email address's... However, the Postfix mailserver we
started using a couple weeks ago(
http://lists.evolt.org/archive/Week-of-Mon-20000814/002340.html ) to
improve the speed of thelist had some problems with two different hosts
from the same domain name on the same machine trying to send email to
eachother. (djc at members.evolt.org couldn't send to
thelist at lists.evolt.org for example)

Although Postfix is a very fast mailserver, it lacks a lot of the power
and configurability of Sendmail.

To make a long story short, we're running sendmail 8.11.0 now, and it
took me up till 5 minutes ago to get everything working(sigh). I'll have
more details as they come through, don't know if anyone really *wants*
to hear my long winded emails about moving between mailservers, but just
like to keep everyone informed of whats going on and stuff..

If you have any questions or problems, please let me know :)


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