[thelist] quirky form behavior

Meredith Tupper meredith at pintsize.com
Tue Aug 29 18:35:23 CDT 2000

Hi all,

Here's something I can't grasp...the order form located
here: http://www.coutureonline.net/order.html sends very
delayed results, if at all.  (Shouts out to Jeff Howden of
C4 Web Design for the grooving javascript function.)  When I
originally set up this form, it worked fine.  Now it's been
several months, and I haven't used or checked the form in
the interim, and the customer requests that I send the form
results to a different e-mail address.  While I was in
there, I figured I would require some form fields (name,
address, the usual).  While I was testing the form, I began
to panic because the results e-mail never arrived...or at
least not for a long time, like 30+minutes.  I figured I
must have done something wrong with the required fields, so
I went back to the original copy and tried that.  When I use
the required form fields, the form results don't arrive at
all.  When I use the old version, it still takes half an
hour or more (I'm still waiting on some now) for them to
arrive.  BTW, the redirect function works fine, takes me
right to the thank you page.  So is the delay attributable
to the server, or to the script, or both, or neither?


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