[thelist] more stupid linux questions

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Wed Aug 30 00:09:06 CDT 2000

John -

John Snippe wrote:
> So what's the deal with these messages getting sent to 
> <thelist at farmer.oracular.com>... and beating my filters.  I don't 
> recall subbing to a "HaySeed" version of thelist..
Some messages slipped through while i was still reconfiguring our 
mailserver today. farmer.oracular.com is the machine that thelist, 
thelist archives, all of our other mailing lists, members.evolt.org 
email/web accounts sit on. All my servers are named after(big secret 
here..shhh) Smurfs. jokey.oracular.com is our main webserver(and 
evolts), brainy.oracular.com is our DB server that runs Oracle, 
hefty.oracular.com is our firewall/proxy, poet.oracular.com is my main 
mailserver, my personal machine at work is named handy.oracular.com, and 
farmer is the machine that does all the mailing lists for evolt and some 
of oracular's development work. Every machine got its smurf name for a 
reason(jokey got his name cus the default Linux install from Dell was a 
joke :).

Probably more than you were looking for there, but thats the low down.
> I notice that my 'reply' command remains unaffected.
Ya, the mailing list manager(MLM), majorgumbo re-writes the reply-to 
field of every mail when he sends them out to 
<listname>@lists.evolt.org  -- It wasn't really a misconfiguration, 
sendmail just wasn't fully configured on my part yet..  :)
Hopefully that clears some things up.

p.s. our one NT server is named 'Azreal' for obvious reasons ;)

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