[thelist] HomeSite, ASP, F11 and Photoshop

Jacob Stetser lists at icongarden.com
Wed Aug 30 06:16:40 CDT 2000

That's what happens when Microsoft chooses an extension already taken 
for something completely different :)

At least the likelihood of Photoshop being on a server machine is 
unlikely. However, Photoshop is on a lot of client machines here, and 
I have to right click and Open With... rather than double-click on 
ASP files :(

>when Photoshop is installed, it takes the .asp extension and uses it 
>for itself (Photoshop table
>or something like that)... double-clicking will then launch Photoshop...
>you can't change it through explorer, you actually have to go into 
>the registry, delete the key
>for .asp, and then go into explorer and re-enter the .asp file 
>type... i've done this probably a
>dozen times with no problem... you'll have to do this with each 
>upgrade, too...
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