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Fresh fresh at fresh-hell.com
Thu Aug 31 04:27:00 CDT 2000

>1. give me some URLs to really cool band web sites.

This is a little self-serving because I designed the site, but you asked:


It's a really simple site, but since I did it as a favor, I kept it basic. 
The band just wanted to have a place where people could find out their 
schedule, find out how to buy their CD, join their mailing list and 
download/listen to songs. So it fulfilled the requirements. This is a 
recent redesign, built around the graphics of their newest CD (which I did 
not design), so some of the design elements are not things I would choose.

>2. Any other ideas about building a band site... multimedia thoughts... 
>other things that seem like a good idea... or things to avoid?

One thing I did that has worked out well is to set them up with a Blogger 
account on the "news" page. Now the band members can post updates to their 
schedule, and give news and thoughts without having to rely on me to make 
the changes. Since they don't know HTML or how to FTP or anything like 
that, this seemed like a good solution, and thus far they really like it 
because it's easy to learn how to do and can be done from anywhere.

Feel free to e-mail me off-list with specific questions.

Kim Reed
kim at kimreed.com

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