[thelist] Compumaster Workshops

Julia Frizzell Julia_Frizzell at Brown.edu
Thu Aug 31 08:22:31 CDT 2000

At 4:46 PM -0700 8/30/00, el.kay wrote:
>Anyone heard of, attended or wish to comment on Workshops provided by
>www.compumaster.net ?

I attended one, for Advanced Macintosh troubleshooting. It wasn't 
worth it (SO not worth it!), I wrote a letter demanding refund or 
free coupons to another seminar. Got the coupons, never used them 
before they expired.

Personally, if the one I went to was any indication of the rest of 
the seminars they do, you'll get more out of reading a book or 
surfing the web for info than you will there. I taught others around 
me how to do stuff, and even got to demonstrate to the entire 
audience how ANA (Apple Network Assistant, for those who are 
wondering) works, once they got the projector hooked up to a computer 
that would display properly.

But then again, maybe that's just me. :)

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