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> I'd like to include things along the lines of 'implemented new features
> led to 100% growth in web site transactions over a three month period' or
> 'played major roll in expansion of web site from 50 page views/day to
> 1,000,000 page views/day.'  How much can I say?  Right now my feeling is
> stick to ratios--web traffic increased 500%, membership doubled, number of
> secure transactions averaged 20% growth each month--and avoid specific
> figures.

[DC: Not a lawyer, blah blah blah]

I wouldn't think that specific figures should cause you a problem
legally/ethically (unless you know that your company is for some reason
trying to keep their numbers under wraps), but percentages often sound
better anyway. Of course, it's easy to make percentages fib for you, and a
savvy employer knows that. So if, say, you played a part in getting 5 new
people to join your site's community when the only existing member was Bob
from accounting, saying that you increased community participation by 500%
is a little misleading. Expect to be asked for hard numbers in support of
your percentages -- and if your current company *is* trying to keep their
numbers under wraps for whatever reason, come up with something waffley
like, "Company X would rather I not disclose their membership numbers.
However, I can tell you that the numbers went from the hundreds to the
thousands." Companies are generally much more interested in protecting their
technologies than their numbers, IME.


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