[thelist] [OT]Corporate Training Policies

Scott_Brady at themoneystore.com Scott_Brady at themoneystore.com
Fri Sep 1 10:55:35 CDT 2000

Disclaimer:  Not an attorney, by any means, so this is all just a layman's

I would think it depends on whether you were made specifically aware of such
policies (such as having to sign a document regarding it).

The company I work for only makes you re-imburse the company if the courses led
to an actual degree.  And, for each course for which the company pays, you have
to sign a form saying you agree to pay them back if you leave within a certain

So, if you sign a document saying you agree to it, then yeah, it's probably
enforceable.  Whether they actually enforce it or not is another story.


<tip type="Cold Fusion - cfscript">

Do you have large blocks of <cfif>'s and <cfset>'s in your code?

Try putting those within a cfscript, because that can often save a good bit of
processing time for your code.


Instead of:

     <cfif dog IS "Spot">
          <cfset neutered = "No">
          <cfset age = 3>
          <cfset neutered = "Yes">
          <cfset age = 1>


          if (dog IS "Spot")
               neutered = "No";
               age = 3;
               neutered = "Yes";
               age = 1;


"Michael Fritz" <fritz321 at hotmail.com> on 09/01/2000 08:00:09 AM
"In the event [company name] pays the cost for any employee training, you
agree to reimburse [company name] the full amount of such costs if you
resign your employment with [company name] within one year from the date
such training takes place".

Do any of you know if this is enforcable?

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