[thelist] More HTML validators & DTDs

Duncan O'Neill dbaxo at ihug.co.nz
Sat Sep 2 04:25:12 CDT 2000

Hey all,

thanks for the responses to my first qu. on HTML validators.

Here's another (basic) question; 

Erika said; 

>>The W3C validator will validate according to your DTD.  
>>This can be helpful. Do the browsers care about your DTD?  
>>The browsers do not. Anyways, a DTD 
>>helps with your W3C code validation, which is reason enough.

but then Aardvark says;

>>however, the current crop of browsers don't have the support for 
>>even HTML 4.01 

Can someone clarify? Am I right in assuming that any DTD that 
I make won't affect the *display* of the page in any browser, 
but that they're purely for the purposes of code validation? 
So that if I declare a document as 4.01 transitional, or strict, 
or whatever, they'll still display as intended, even though 
the current crop don't fully support 4.01?

thanks in advance, 

Duncan O'Neill
The Urban Legend magazine
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