[thelist] Little problem I'm having...

el.kay lwkraemer at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 2 04:45:22 CDT 2000

Instead of Sunday.htm being "We're updating - come back tomorrow", just
rename the previous friday.htm to sunday.htm. viola!

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Subject: [thelist] Little problem I'm having...

> One of my sites is now gone (or soon will go) thrice-weekly.  Every
> wednesday and friday, they're going to have a new article on their front
> page (or at least a link to it).  They're not going with any sort of
> management system, so I rigged up a little JScript that works out the day
> the week, and then shows the corresponding HTML file.  So if it's Monday,
> shows monday.html.  On Tuesday, it shows monday.html.  Wednesday gets
> wednesday.html.  Etc.  This means I only have to update once a week
> My problem is that on Sunday, I'll be changing monday, wednesday and
> friday.html files.  But also on Sunday, I would normally be showing
> friday.html (last update).  So, when I upload the new friday.html, any
> visitors will see EVERYTHING for next week.  Then, I created a sunday.html
> file which just has "We're updating - come back tomorrow" on it.  I
> this was a bit lame, so I was just wondering if there's any good people on
> this list who know of a better way of handling all of this (short of
> updating every coupla days or spending a large wad of cash on a CMS).
> Ideas and thoughts will be gratefully accepted.
> Michael
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