[thelist] More HTML validators & DTDs

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 2 08:29:48 CDT 2000

> From: Duncan O'Neill
> Can someone clarify? Am I right in assuming that
> any DTD that
> I make won't affect the *display* of the page in
> any browser,
> but that they're purely for the purposes of code
> validation?

in the case of NN and IE that's pretty much it... they'll
either support a tag or not, regardless of the DTD... the
DTD is currently more for validation and to help guide the
developer... after all, using a deprecated <center> tag is
easy, but if you're coding to a DTD, then that assumes you
know it's deprecated, and you know you'll have to offer
different options later on...

> So that if I declare a document as 4.01
> transitional, or strict,
> or whatever, they'll still display as intended,
> even though
> the current crop don't fully support 4.01?

they'll display what they are capable of along with the
associated quirks... even if your DTD is strict, you'll
still see it support a <center>...

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