[thelist] HomeSite, ASP, F11 and Photoshop

Martin martin at lists.evolt.org
Sat Sep 2 10:21:52 CDT 2000

Jorah Lavin wrote on 30/8/00 1:46 am

>I've been using HomeSite at work for two years and love it, and have 
>advocated others in the corporation adopt it.  Fine.  One of my internal 
>corp. clients just bought it, but when she tries to "F11" her ASP files to 
>look at them in the browser, Photoshop is launched, instead.  How do I tell 
>HomeSite or/and Windows 98 to launch a browser, instead?  HTML files work 
>just fine.

it's all about what order you install your software in. Photoshop takes 
the .asp file extension for its own use when you install it. You can 
reassign it from Windows Explorer.


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