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Martin martin at lists.evolt.org
Sat Sep 2 10:21:54 CDT 2000

Erika Meyer wrote on 30/8/00 8:09 pm

>>read the article, couldn't find your email. If the city is London 
>>(sounds like it), wanna work for us? Let me know, I can see if we 
>>can set up an interview.
>heh. Is London anywhere near Portland, Oregon?
>Maybe we should set up some kind of web dev exchange programme.  I'd 
>love to go work in London for a year or so...


You could join someone like http://www.ixl.com or icon medialab
and ask for a secondment to London. The UK market is growing pretty
fast atm, and quite a few global outfits are screaming for transferees
to fill the gap until they can recruit/poach enough local staff.

(both of the above are companies who know their shit btw and
won't give you the crap you mentioned)


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