[thelist] selection refining application (extended)

Isaac Forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Sat Sep 2 23:10:05 CDT 2000

> then the next-closest match. I mean, someone might answer the cost question
> falsely hoping it would have some future effect on price. Therefore, they
> won't get the best match back to them, just the match that the program
> *thinks* is best. But, if the best match and close matches are listed,
> there's a better chance that the customer will buy.

thanks for this stuff guys.

hey ron, can you try posting your offlist response to this thread? im sure other
members would find it useful too. (ron only posted it offlist due to thelist
problems at the time - they should now be fixed).

what im hoping to achieve with this mini-app is to never leave the user with a
dead-end. they'll always be allowed to jump off after any question and accept
the product/service suggested, but there will always be another question
available to help refine things, PLUS an option to mail in an enquiry for a
customised product/service.

so, perhaps they hit the end of the default 5 question process and be
recommended a product/service or two, but there'll always be options like these:

"This is out of my budget."
"I need something faster."
"My needs are quite complicated - I'd prefer to contact you to discuss this."

once my colleague has received more info from the client, we'll sit down with
these msgs from rudy/matt/ron, and try and work something out. then we'll pick a
method of putting it all together.

thanks again,


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