[thelist] ColdFusion on Linux...stub?

Martin martin at lists.evolt.org
Sun Sep 3 04:05:22 CDT 2000

Warden, Matt wrote on 2/9/00 11:57 pm

>Evolt.org runs off of CF on some flavor of *nix, AFAIK. Doesn't seem like a
>stub to me.
Linux (RH6.2 I think - dan will be able to answer better)
>Is it a CGI or Apache module?
On Apache, it uses a module

Mark wrote:
>> Allaire now offers ColdFusion on Linux, but I've seen a few places that
>>refer to the Linux release as a "stub".  Does this mean it has limited
>>functionality or require some kind of CF on NT to connect to....or

Quoting from memory here
A stub essentially allows a web server to hand off CF requests to the
CF app server hosted on another box. This can be useful for a number
of reasons - for performance and security, you might not *want*
an app server running on the same box as your stripped down,
highly reliable web server. Alternatively, you may not have a version
of CF which runs on your web server's OS.

Before CF4.5, there wasn't a native version for Linux; just NT, Solaris
and HP-UX. There still isn't one for the BSD family. However, we've
been running CF on Linux since about Christmas - we were one of the
first to do so fwiw - when we moved from our NT/Access/CF3
environment to a Linux/Oracle/CF4.5 one.


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