[thelist] Linux Simple Installation Wanted

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Mon Sep 4 03:29:47 CDT 2000

> Jorah uttered the following words:
> > the least-painful way of getting started with Linux.  
> Should I go with a
> > shrink-wrapped package, one of the cheap disk distributions 
> I know are
> > available online, or a download?  Any good sites with hints 
> and >hand-holding?
> and Mr Dave replies:
> I can recommend Red Hat Linux 6.2 - it is amazing, its very 
> very easy to
> set up and also to add peripherals to.

I've been running RedHat for a while and it gets better with every release.
It's worth going with a shrink-wrapped version to get the installation
documentation that comes with it. If you are prepared to dedicate the
machine to Linux, rather than running a dual-boot system then the install
*should* be really straightforward. I say *should* with a little reservation
because non-standard hardware can make an install more of a headache. It
sounds as though you should be alright though as you are on a LAN. 

If you run the server install in RedHat, the install will automatically
install with all the software you require to run a web server (Apache)
internally. If you plan on opening up the box to the outside world, you'll
want to read up a lot about securing the box. If it's simply for tinkering
internally and isn't visible to the outside world, you'll be fine with the
default install.

My other recommendation is to buy a book that is a basic guide to Linux
administration. If you are completely new to the OS, it will make your
journey a LOT easier. Learning your way around from text files etc is
doable, but painful compared to having a good desk reference. Having
experimented with Linux for around 4 years or so now, it's only been the
last year or so that I've really felt I know what I'm doing! Buying a book
made a big difference :-)

Good luck


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