[thelist] Bulletin board systems

Norman Beresford n.d.b at innocent.com
Mon Sep 4 06:25:52 CDT 2000

Hi all

We're looking for a bulletin board system to install for a number of clients
and I was wondering if anyone could recommend some.

Our hosting is NT based, however we don't want to use a component based
system (it's shared hosting and the delay in having components installed is
prohibitive), a Perl based system is fine as we do have Perl 5 installed.
Ideally we're looking for a system which will allow us total control over
the branding, and hopefully one that offers a re-seller package and we have
two clients desperate for the system.

I've already had a play with UBB which seems alright, but they don't appear
to offer a re-seller package and they insist on having some real estate on
each page.


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