[thelist] CGI temp file

Algian algian at algian.com
Mon Sep 4 12:20:36 CDT 2000

I have a script that i mad to upload icons to a user
directory....it checks for the icon size etc etc...
and i enabled it for windows aswell using binmode.
Now the thing is every time I upload an icon or any file
it creates within the directory of the script a file called:


the number after CGItemp-XXXXXXXXX aren't always those.
the thing is that this temp file is the size of the file the person is
trying to upload
so if someone trys to uplaod an 100MB file it'll make a 100MB temp file..
this could be pretty deadly for server space :)
Does it have to create this temp file? or can you avoid it?
and does this only happen in windows or would it also happen on linux?

Thanks a lot

Alessandro Giannone
Web Anomaly Creator
Edinburgh University
Department of Science & Engineering

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