[thelist] CMYK Crash Course

Patricia Meeks pmeeks at email.msn.com
Mon Sep 4 15:27:30 CDT 2000

CMYK is an abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (K). They are
the four colors that are used in printing. Typically, when you use a
graphics program, you are creating the artwork in RGB color (Red, Green and
Blue), the colors used by computer monitors.

When you have your artwork printed, the printer or service bureau often
requests that the artwork be in CMYK format for their particular process.
You will usually convert the artwork to CMYK when you are finished and it
has met client approval. However, whenever doing artwork that goes to a
printer or service bureau, do not depend on the client to give you the file
info unless they are VERY knowledgeable! Always get the name of the printer
or service bureau and speak with them directly. They will almost always have
specific directions on how they want files prepared, especially if they are
using a different OS. Make sure you know just how the piece will be printed
or used by others and don't be afraid to ask the printer or service bureau
to explain "anything" you don't completely understand.

You can usually find more info on CMYK and printing processes by doing a
search on the graphics program you are using and finding relevant
newsgroups. There are also books devoted to the subject, but for your
immediate needs, find a newsgroup and some web sites that deal with your
graphics program.

Hope this helps....

Patricia Meeks
pmeeks at msn.com

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