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Vladimir Cole vladimir_cole at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 4 22:39:00 CDT 2000

1. Sorry for the doublepost a while back! 
2. I'm subscribed in digest, so someone may have
already jumped on this point. If so, forgive me.
3. I looked into UBB some more, and have taken my foot
out of my mouth long enough to type the following:
they DO force you to include copyright info at the
bottom of your bulletin board, unfortunately. Pretty
poor style on their part, actually. They should at
least offer a licensing version that allows you to
completely change it. 

However, if you were building a corporate intranet or
something inaccessible to the outside world, then
you'd probably be okay with removing this. ;) I'm not
your lawyer tho, so don't think I'm giving legal

--- Vladimir Cole <vladimir_cole at yahoo.com> wrote:
> At 11:54 AM 9/4/00 +0100, you wrote:
> > 
> > >I've already had a play with UBB which seems
> > alright, but they don't appear
> > >to offer a re-seller package and they insist on
> > having some real estate on
> > >each page.
> > 
> If you know your code (it's perl, ain't it?) you can
> completely hack UBB to do whatever you like. In
> fact,
> on UBB's own support bulletin boards, they've got
> several topics devoted to code hacking. I haven't
> installed and run UBB for more than 8 months, but it
> was a trivial matter to customize then. It's a very
> solid bulletin board. 
> Another that comes to mind is fusetalk. It's better
> at
> database support. Get the full license with
> sourcecode, and you can build a universal login --
> that is, when someone logs into the bulletin board,
> they've logged into the entire site. It interfaces
> with mysql, access, oracle, etc. Also solid, and a
> breeze to set up if you're already running CF. 
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