[thelist] CGI temp file

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Tue Sep 5 01:44:31 CDT 2000

The temp file is being created by the server during its upload process. It
contains the uploaded file itself - if you try renaming the file to its
original name and viewing it, you should see that it's the original file. 

You've got a couple of options - there will either be a method to transfer
the temp file to your chosen upload directory - in which case the temp file
becomes the uploaded file in effect. Alternatively you could delete any file
in your script directory called CGItemp* every time you run your script,
which should mean you'll never have more than one script in the directory.


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> Subject: [thelist] CGI temp file
> hello,
> I have a script that i mad to upload icons to a user
> directory....it checks for the icon size etc etc...
> and i enabled it for windows aswell using binmode.
> Now the thing is every time I upload an icon or any file
> it creates within the directory of the script a file called:
> CGItemp-39201150001
> the number after CGItemp-XXXXXXXXX aren't always those.
> the thing is that this temp file is the size of the file the person is
> trying to upload
> so if someone trys to uplaod an 100MB file it'll make a 100MB 
> temp file..
> this could be pretty deadly for server space :)
> Does it have to create this temp file? or can you avoid it?
> and does this only happen in windows or would it also happen on linux?
> Thanks a lot
> Algian
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