[thelist] JSP & || Servlets on NT

Seb Potter seb at lists.evolt.org
Tue Sep 5 05:45:17 CDT 2000

Hi Doug,

The machine I'm currently sitting at (Win 2K Pro) is running Allaire JRun,
which is (IMHO) the best servlet server available. You can grab a developer
copy for free from http://www.allaire.com

There's also the Apache/Tomcat reference implementation for JSP/Servlets,
which you can get from the http://java.sun.com website. Tomcat is an
absolute pain to configure properly.

As for scalability, we run the Thomas Cook websites using JRun and NES,
mostly on Solaris, but the scalability carries to NT as well, mainly through
load-balancing rather than environment-level distribution.



> Hi,
> Anyone doing this. Anything to offer, does it scale, which ervers are you
> using etc.
> Regards and thanks,
> Doug

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