[thelist] Moving from NT to Unix

CDitty mail at redhotsweeps.com
Tue Sep 5 08:55:12 CDT 2000

Thanks all for answering.  From the looks of it, I think I had everything 
that was posted.  Anyhow, I'll look tomorrow.   I'm taking a much needed 
day off from "work" today and I'm heading to the casinos.  Wish me 
luck.  I'll need it ;^)

This also might make a good article for the site if anyone wants to do 
it.  I wouldn't mind doing it, but writing and me don't get along.  Maybe 
I'll try and throw something together.  Kind of a "Think about the future 
when designing" type deal.

btw...what happened to the weekly tips emails that used to go out?  It was 
always nice to see them incase I missed a tip or tip.

Thanks again.


At 08:11 AM 9/5/00 , Jason Morehead wrote:
>>um, just thought i'd snip out the relevant parts, but did i miss something?
>>if they're moving a cold fusion site, why would they need/want/use php?
>touche.  you're right... they don't.  i don't know why i threw that in 
>there.  just typing off the top of my head, i guess.  :)
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