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Molina, Teresa Teresa.Molina at eScout.com
Tue Sep 5 11:47:35 CDT 2000


Any American WAP phone users out there? I was wondering if anyone knew
whether the Nokia 7100 series was available anywhere in the U.S.; their Web
site is of no help. Please CC: me offlist as I'm a digest user these days.

<tip type="writing for the Web">
Consider information graphics as an alternative to lengthy descriptions when
producing Web content.

1. Charts, tables & graphs - summarize complex numerical and statistical
information in charts, tables or graphs, which increases both comprehension
and retention of the data presented. Readers are also more likely to
remember the information in further depth than if originally given in text

2. Pictures - user studies show picture captions are the most often read
text on a page. Add pictures with summary captions to describe events.

3. Diagrams & flowcharts - similar to charts, tables and graphs but
represent complex systems or layouts. More than text descriptions, these
graphics help users retain and comprehend the information they represent.

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