[thelist] ColdFusion on Linux...stub?

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Tue Sep 5 12:11:33 CDT 2000

Martin wrote:
> Warden, Matt wrote on 2/9/00 11:57 pm
> >Evolt.org runs off of CF on some flavor of *nix, AFAIK. Doesn't seem like a
> >stub to me.
> Linux (RH6.2 I think - dan will be able to answer better)

Yup. The base is rh 6.2 but its a up-to-date custom kernel.

> Before CF4.5, there wasn't a native version for Linux; just NT, Solaris
> and HP-UX. There still isn't one for the BSD family. However, we've
> been running CF on Linux since about Christmas - we were one of the
> first to do so fwiw - when we moved from our NT/Access/CF3
> environment to a Linux/Oracle/CF4.5 one.

Ya, and i was using the release canidates since last october :) worked
like a charm ever since


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