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deboute benjamin deboute at nerdsoul.com
Tue Sep 5 18:29:51 CDT 2000

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for all those who have sysadmins at the reach of hand, this link could be interesting for them [ or for you ], at least theorically.

First, i have to say that i work in Claranet France, part of Claranet, a big european isp.
We have a netadmin which hadles all router handling&tuning, ATM processing [ not automatic tellers, autosynchronous something, big line w/ lots of  bandwith stuffed in it ], everything that touches routers, server bandwith balancing/exchanging.....far over my conscience........

- - - - i already apologize, even if i'm very interested by the intrinseq fabric of the network, i know alomst nothing, and what i heard tonight if faaar pretty over me. The facts reported may have been misenderstood [ a netadmin is a very hard people to understand when he speaks of the job ] - - - -

I spend the evening with our netadmin, in front some guinesses [ yes, we're french...] about this and i must admit that even if i'm far of understanding what he had said, i found it pretty interesting.

what i understood ::
BGP is a protocol used almost only by HUGE ISPs.
This link speaks about a mailing-list devoted on a routing daemon for UNIX-like systems that works on conf scripts.
A semi-intelligent feature seem to be integrated, in order to allow you to cache the routes that are traded among the the ISP network.
[ BTW, a misconfigured test-box crashed today, having cashed 80.000 routes, for the network people, i think i understood it's huge, isn't it ? ]
I think he spoke about Ciscos not being able to do the same thing [ memorizing, using C-like control features ], and that's it a great thing.

Well. The think grooves-a-lot and it's located at

the mailing list seems great.

When i told him to send me the link, he told that this may be more useful for light networks, even if less configurable.

and don't do [ or do ] like i did and do[n't] immediatly check http://www.bgp.org .

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