[thelist] cfmail not sending mail

markus weisshaar markus at onramp.ca
Tue Sep 5 21:30:32 CDT 2000

Hello People

I'm new to Cold Fusion and I'm having a bit of a problem with a
server we have configured for a client.  When trying to send mail
using CFMAIL the following error is logged in the mail.log

"Error","TID=214","09/05/00","22:13:01","Failed to send the
spooled mail file, D:\CFUSION\MAIL\spool\532.cfmail. SMTP server
replied "No connection to mail server." Moved file to

I have verified the SMTP server using the CF Admin and by
telneting to port 25 of the mail server.  Both give good
results.  I have tried using the name and IP address of the
server to no avail.  I'm confused.  Is CFMAIL a self contained
package or does it need some outside SMTP program to send mail? 
I have looked at the Allaire knowledge base and tried all the
possible solutions offered, but with no luck.

I hope someone here can help me.

thank you,

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