[thelist] More Flash Help Please

Warren warren at warrenworld.com
Wed Sep 6 11:06:02 CDT 2000

I am still working on a flash project (my first) for a client that is
basically a powerpoint presentation on steroids. It is  a lecture with
different graphic elements and text animating throughout the lecture.

Here is where the trouble starts....I placed the audio track first and then
started adding the supplemental art and text animations to the flash movie
using the placed sound track as my guide for when images and texts appear,
disappear, float, spin, whatever. The audio and animations are in sync when
I the file within the program used to create the movie...I am using Adobe
Live Motion....but when  I view the movie online the audio and the
animations are not in sync. The audio appears to be ahead of the graphic
stuff. I played with fps settings but it still didn't help.

My thoughts...
I hope I don't have to break up the audio file into tiny segments to run
only when the graphics are supposed to appear...
can I force the swf file not to start playing until everything is downloaded
to have a better chance of things staying in sync.

Is this an Adobe LiveMotion problem and do I have to have Macromedia Flash
to keep sounds and graphics in-sync. (BTW I bought Live Motion because I use
Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign regulary so I thought I would keep
things the same).

Thank you thank you thank you,


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