[thelist] Document Management/ Knowledge Management Resources.

Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Wed Sep 6 11:23:24 CDT 2000

> resources on knowledge management and Information management.
> Specifically high level stuff on how to structure information

the "business researcher's interests" site has been on the web for years 
and years and has built up a massive collection

i used to use this site a lot looking for data warehousing resources

they eventually turned into

   "the premier business and technology portal and 
    global community network for business, technology 
    and knowledge managers, professionals and entrepreneurs 
    defining, designing and implementing business enterprises 
    for the new economy" (*)

and i eventually stopped researching data warehousing (the timing was mere 
coincidence, i assure you) 

i don't think the quality of their stuff has suffered, but i can't 
personally vouch for their knowledge management section -- 
http://www.brint.com/OrgLrng.htm -- although a brief glance suggests it 
may contain more information than you might have wanted...


(*)  if this 65-syllable corporate-speak regurgitated pap makes you as 
nauseous as it does me, just think of the brainstorming, focus groups, 
mission surveys, vision&values meetings that must have gone into it...

     ( what a waste, eh? )

... and be glad that you do not do that sort of stuff for a living -- no 
offense to any serious public relations professionals on this list, you 
are to be congratulated for even being here...

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