[thelist] IE vs NS

Michael Galvin mpgalvin at eircom.net
Wed Sep 6 12:48:17 CDT 2000

Hey there

I recently redesigned a site for a client, and it looks absolutely perfect
in IE, but a little screwed up in NS.  As usual.

However, I haven't a clue why it's even doing what it's doing.  If you could
take a look at http://www.lipstick-ireland.com/.  In the middle of the page
on the RHS, there are 4 links to articles elsewhere in the site.  These
links are held in seperate tables of 100% width.  As you can see in IE, it's
fine - they stretch all the way across.  However, in NS, the widths seem
almost random, they're indented all the way down.

The source of this page is horrific (it's in a 0,100% frame, so you'll need
to right-click), so I've put in a placeholder which is about half way down:


This is where the table for the first article link is.
If I could trouble someone more intelligent than me to take a look and point
and laugh at what I'm doing wrong, I would be VERY appreciative.  VERY.


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