[thelist] IE vs NS

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Wed Sep 6 13:32:32 CDT 2000

It's really hard to figure out where the problems may lie when the 
code is, as you say, "horrific."

If it were _me_, I'd start by cleaning up the code, &/or running it 
through a validator.  Put borders around the tables in question, & go 
from there.

% tables can be tricky, and to mix them with fixed-width tables and 
with complex/invalid code is, IMO, asking for a headache.


>The source of this page is horrific (it's in a 0,100% frame, so you'll need
>to right-click), so I've put in a placeholder which is about half way down:
>This is where the table for the first article link is.
>If I could trouble someone more intelligent than me to take a look and point
>and laugh at what I'm doing wrong, I would be VERY appreciative.  VERY.

erika at seastorm.com

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