[thelist] hosting webrings

Peter Bancroft pdb103 at york.ac.uk
Wed Sep 6 18:48:53 CDT 2000

Hi all,
does anybody have experience of hosting their own webrings, or offering a
service which allows people to offer theirs?  Ideally I'd like to be able to
offer certain people the ability to run webrings from my site (up to about
20-30 probably).  The best I've found so far are single-ring perl programs
from hotscripts.com.
They seem okay for one webring (which is better than none I guess), though
the one I just tried installing wouldn't work and the helpful instruction
file pointed out all kinds of things that weren't actually there.  A
reminder to update your help files in programs along with version updates I
guess :)
I don't really have the time to code a service myself, at the moment I'm
looking at perl-based programs which are offered for free.
This is in reaction to a number of people in a community I am an active
member of being very annoyed at yahoo's takeover of the old webring.org.
I thought that the extra traffic to my site couldn't hurt if I could get
something knocked up.
YEM Communications Officer
www.yem.org.uk (my redesign coming in a week)

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