[thelist] CF: Email attachments on the fly

Oliver Lineham oliver at lineham.co.nz
Wed Sep 6 19:10:54 CDT 2000


Sorry I missed your message first time round!

>Couldn't you just do it thusly (assuming the file is a binary one):
>Take the data
>UUencode/base64encode it (rfcs 2045, 2046 & 2049)
>Create a mime id (eg ol_funkyMimeAttach.a_time_stamp)
>stick the following in the message body:
>Content-type: application/octet-stream;name=yourfilenamegoeshere
>Content-transfer-encoding: base64

that was the "doing in manually" option that i was to fall back on, it is 
what i've done in perl before.  i will just have to experiment to make sure 
<cfmail> actually lets me set a MIME separator header.

haven't tried it yet, i have other more pressing tasks, but if/when i get 
it going i'll post it to thelist as my first ever (woohoo!) cf tip 
:)  always a momentous occasion.

>99% certain this is doable in Perl

100% actually, i do it all the time

>, dunno about CF.

aye :)


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