[thelist] What ever happened to Babble and webdesign lists? [OT]

Brian Tully btully at gstockco.com
Wed Sep 6 22:19:35 CDT 2000

Sorry for the OT post but I was wondering if anyone knew what happened to
the Babble and webdesign mailing lists... Have they moved to a different
host or have they become defunct? I think Babble was hosted by highfive.com
and/or projectcool.com and that webdesign was run on topica.com. I can't
seem to find any info on either websites so any info would be greatly
appreciated.  I used to be inundated with great info daily but now my Inbox
is a ghost town :(

p.s. If they are indeed defunct, I'd love to hear other list

Many thanks,
B r i a n  T u l l y

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