[thelist] screen resolutions

Isaac Forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Wed Sep 6 22:37:24 CDT 2000

> I see Yahoo doesn't fit on a 640x480 screen. Does that mean I don't have to
> care either?? (says Matthew who likes his new design and really doesn't want
> to change it to fit those low-res browsers).
> Anybody have stats?

Yeh, 100% of me doesn't give a fuck what Yahoo is doing. ;)

OK, seriously, check out Adrian's article: 640 x 480 Isn't Dead Just Yet

Over a year later, his arguments still stand strong. Now, over 2000 cid's later,
he's still obsessed with browser sizes: Real-World Browser Size Stats, Part II

There are still people stuck in 640x480 land, and there are millions more who
have large resolution monitors, but surf with multiple windows set to
approximately 700px wide. These same people hate resizing to accommodate a site
(especially if they're using pitiful Netscape which reloads the entire page each
time you resize horizontally...)

A good intermediate step is to make sure that everything to the right of the
600px mark is non-core information. Things like simple instructions for stepping
through a procedure, or product specials, or panel ads, links to other sites,
design elements, etc would be good here.

You'll look better in a larger browser window, provide more information (if
required), etc, but without *completely* pissing off 640x480-lovers.


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