[thelist] screen resolutions + critique

Walker, Matthew Matthew.Walker at cdc.org.nz
Wed Sep 6 23:13:19 CDT 2000

> Yeh, 100% of me doesn't give a fuck what Yahoo is doing. ;)

Hmm, I quoted Yahoo as they are known (as I see it anyway) for extremely
conservative design. Thanks for those great links. The second one suggested
around 6% (probably less by now) use 640x480. 

> A good intermediate step is to make sure that everything to 
> the right of the
> 600px mark is non-core information.

Yes, I've used this technique before*. Only, things have to be mighty slim
to fit inside the 160px difference between 640 and 800. My problem is on a
home page. The whole thing would be completely liquid and fine if it weren't
for that problem with text overwriting aligned tables (see
http://www.cdc.org.nz/ to see that problem). I'm planning to force a minimum
width on the left column, but that pushes the right column half off the
screen. I could make the right column fit within 160px but it just looks
really silly. So I'm thinking too damn bad (a horizontal scrollbar is better
than the text over the top of the image, right?). 

The navigation will all fit in 640, just some text will be hanging off.
Whaddya reckon? Incidentally, any thoughts on the design? Ugly, bootiful?
Both? Some things are a bit off in Netscape, I'm aware of that. By way of
explanation, this is a new home page for an old site. The rest of the site
will be brought into line with the design. The long list of links under
"Local News" has been redone as a short annotated list. 

*akaroa.com -- you have to add some services as favourites to see the

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