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> Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 12:16:54 -0400
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> > From: Warren <warren at warrenworld.com>
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> > Here is where the trouble starts....I placed the audio track first and
> > then started adding the supplemental art and text animations to the
> > flash movie using the placed sound track as my guide for when images
> > and texts appear, disappear, float, spin, whatever. The audio and
> > animations are in sync when I the file within the program used to
> > create the movie...I am using Adobe Live Motion....but when  I view
> > the movie online the audio and the animations are not in sync. The
> > audio appears to be ahead of the graphic stuff. I played with fps
> > settings but it still didn't help.

Don't know much about LM, but I suppose the basic concepts are the
same as in Flash. If you use a rather long audio file for your
presentation, once it's loaded, it has to run in "real time" for
obvious reasons, while the speed of the animations depends on your user's
connection. If the animations become more complex, they are displayed
in slower motion if you are on a slow connection. Flash "solves" this 
out-of-sync problem by skipping some frames of your animation. This
might not be what you intended :-)

To solve this problem, you have a few options, depending on what kind 
of sound file you use. First, you could cut your sound clip into chunks 
and sync them to special events in the movie. This works ok if you have
some kind of spoken commentary for the animations. Or, use a looping
(for example the rhythm part of your sound clip) and add sound
that are synched to certain events in your animation.

To check the display of your animation in different connections, you can 
Control > Test movie and then, after your .fla is exported View >
profiler and Control > Show Streaming. Also, under Control you can set 
your modem options.

Hope this makes sense and good luck, 


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