[thelist] Same Code Section in 50+ Pages

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 7 07:19:09 CDT 2000

> From: John Handelaar
> The radically less techy way of achieving this would be
> to use the 'library items' feature of Dreamweaver and
> insert the form as a library item onto each page.
> [Comment: Amusing that the list is getting so
> geeky that nobody mentioned this yet!]

[i did: you gotta read *all* of my posts, as boring and
redundant as they may be... but your explanation is
obviously more detailed...]

since he's reinforcing non-server solutions, a search and
replace function can be very powerful as well, but i didn't
expand on it in my last post... if you wrap the form in a
unique pair of comment tags:
   <!-- Start Diggity Form -->
   <!-- End Diggity Form -->
it can be easy to replace it using a regular expression or
even a low-level search and replace throughout all of your
documents... all you need is a capable text editor (which
are everywhere)... you don't *need* the comment tags, but it
just proves easier to handle...

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